What Our Students Are Saying

We strive to provide our students with the best in education and customer service possible.

  • Jonathan S  

    I live in Virginia and was a bit skeptical at first. After I got my certificate in the mail I took it to my County Clerks office and exactly two weeks later I had my Concealed Carry permit. Thanks!

  • Michelle B  

    A smart way to get your carry permit when you want it... right now! I took the class and the test and now have the certificate to take to apply for my CCP.

  • Mary S  

    Recently I took and passed the course and test to carry a concealed weapon. In Virginia, you can do this all online and then take your certificate to your local county clerk and apply for your concealed carry permit (which I did). The course and test are free. If you want to pay for the certificate to get your permit, you can then do so after completing the course materials and test. I was able to do all this from home. It is not required to demonstrate your shooting ability at a firing range.
    Most important, the course addresses five topics: 
    1) gun safety rules
    2) parts and Operations of a gun
    3) ammunition
    4) fundamentals of shooting a gun
    5) cleaning and maintenance of your gun
    I learned so much about weapons and would highly recommend taking the course even if you never plan to apply for a permit. If you live with someone who owns guns or are around guns, this is a great course should you ever have to handle one (safely). It is also a good course to introduce young children or adults to gun safety. Having both female and male presenters who shared their experiences with you during the training made it very meaningful. The fact that you can stop the video and replay it from any point made it very user-friendly. I recommend this course highly to all gun enthusiasts or anyone just looking to get a basic education about gun safety.

  • Deborah H  

    Great way to get your carry permit. The company support was excellent when I needed help and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take this course.

  • Mindy S  

    Thank you for the information. I have been around guns all of my life.  I have a great deal of respect for them. But, I also have a great deal of fear. Therefore, I am looking forward to more training, shooting at the range, and overcoming a fear of guns. So far, with your training, it has been EMPOWERING.

  • Michael C  

    Took the course. Printed my certificate. Filed paperwork on March 13 and got my ccl today, March 19. The site is legit. Thank you for making it affordable and convenient.

  • Pam M  

    Thanks so much Just picked up my CCP. (2wks) from taking course to receiving my permit. Thanks !!