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Get certified for your Virginia concealed carry permit online. Only pay after you pass the course.

The course takes about an hour to complete. It can be done in one sitting, or in multiple sessions, but your progress is automatically saved if you need to come back later to finish.

Please use Your LEGAL First, Middle, Last name and suffix as found on your Government ID or Drivers License. If you do not have a middle name just enter your first and last name.
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As Seen in the Virginia Mercury

See how this journalist got his Virginia Concealed Carry Permit using our $28 course. Click here to read the article.

Note that the journalist who wrote the article is left wing, but proved there is no problem getting your permit using our course.

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"Great way to get your carry permit. The company support was excellent when I needed help and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take this course."

Deborah H.

"I live in Virginia and was a bit skeptical at first. After I got my certificate in the mail I took it to my County Clerks office and exactly two weeks later I had my Concealed Carry permit. Thanks!"

Johnathan S.

"A smart way to get your carry permit when you want it... right now! I took the class and the test and now have the certificate to take to apply for my CCP."

Michelle B.